Motive’s Energy Management System (EMS) – Your Path to Sustainable Energy

Are you looking for a comprehensive energy management solution that can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, achieve your sustainability goals, while ensuring business continuity? Look no further than our intelligent Energy Management System (EMS).


Motive has invested millions in research and development to create a pioneering system that is designed and optimized by expert designers and architects. Motive Energy started their research back in 2010 and installed the first EMS in San Diego in 2013. Since then, over 70 EMS systems have been installed.

One of the unique features of Motive’s EMS is that the same expert designers and architects who developed the system are still working in-house to continually optimize and add new features. This enables Motive to control the features and timelines to support their customers while offering a vertically integrated complete system package, including hardware and software that has been tested upfront to ensure the system works onsite.

Here are some of the features that make Motive’s EMS stand out:

Onsite Edge Computing – The system’s edge computing capability allows for real-time data processing and efficient algorithm application, ensuring optimized performance and savings.

Seamless Integration – The EMS can be quickly and easily integrated our with energy storage systems (ESS), offering a plug-and-play solution. You won’t have to integrate third-party software or worry about compatibility issues with your IT infrastructure.

Scalability – The system is scalable to various ESS, including batteries, power conversion systems, generator sets, and EV Chargers, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Speedy Deployment – After Permission to Operate (PTO), we quickly deploy and ensure Commissioning is complete, ensuring a smooth transition to sustainable energy.


Motive Energy’s EMS offers several benefits to businesses, including significant energy cost savings through peak shaving and time-of-use arbitrage. By optimizing energy usage, businesses can reduce energy costs and improve their bottom line.


The system also offers peace of mind with intelligent monitoring by Motive Energy’s in-house Network Operations Center (NOC), ensuring business continuity with backup power and helping businesses achieve their sustainability and ESG goals.


Designed with the latest technology, Motive Energy’s EMS ensures optimal performance and savings. The system has 24/7 NOC monitoring for optimized performance driving savings, using rapid data processing and efficient algorithm applications. The system also has secure encryption and uninterrupted data transfer to the AWS Cloud, ensuring that data is always safe and secure. Additionally, our EMS has proper equipment temperature recording and maintenance, ensuring that the ESS is always running at peak performance. The weatherproof enclosure allows for flexible placement, ensuring that businesses can install the system anywhere.

Motive Energy’s EMS Advantage is a reliable and effective energy management system that can help businesses achieve their sustainability goals while improving their bottom line and ensure business continuity. With expert designers and architects continually optimizing the system and Motive Energy’s ongoing investment in R&D, businesses can trust that they are getting a comprehensive and innovative energy management solution.