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Largest Distributor in the US

We are the largest distributor of industry-leading DEKA batteries, ACT chargers, and ACT’s battery management system (ACTIntelligent).


World-Class Service

With 100 techs, one of the largest shop service departments, and a field service team that comes to you—you’re always in good hands.


Advanced Monitoring Systems

Maximize uptime and protect your investment with ACT’s Advanced Monitoring Systems for your batteries and chargers.



We work with you to find the right solution


Knowing what incentives and rebates you qualify for can be frustrating. Our incentive management experts will eliminate the hassle and help you create a plan to take full advantage of available incentives.


    • Turnkey Installations and Design
    • Power Studies and kWh Audits
    • Consulting in Relation to Incentive Management


Complete service for the entire lifecycle of your batteries


The efficiency of your lift truck fleet is based on what powers them. We leverage the latest remote monitoring technology with properly scheduled maintenance to deliver continuous uptime for your fleet.

Lead Acid

    • DEKA Line: D-Series, Fast Charge, MaxPower


    • DEKA


World-class battery and charger maintenance services


Make time to recharge without impacting your operations. We offer multiple all-inclusive fleet programs to proactively care for your batteries and chargers and help you ensure they’re operating at peak performance.

Ultra Care (Monthly)

    • Gold – We proactively maintain your batteries, making sure they are clean and properly watered while providing onsite service free of charge.
    • Platinum – With our Platinum coverage you get Gold level coverage plus: ACT BATTview battery monitor installation and programming, cellular gateway router, and ACTintelligent, a cloud-based data management platform.

Premium Care (Quarterly or Annually)

    • Premium Care helps you to maximize the return on your investment by maintaining the condition of your battery through regularly scheduled maintenance, such as: battery cleaning, battery fleet condition analysis, voltage and gravity readings, and hazmat removal

Chargers Preventive Maintenance

    • With Charger Preventative Maintenance, one of our trained technicians will come out and perform a full diagnostics test on your chargers; checking that your start and finish rates meet MFR specifications, A/C and D/C cables and connectors are not showing excessive wear, cleaning your charger’s cabinet inside and out, inspecting internal components, all to make sure your chargers are operating at factory specifications.


Dynamic monitoring and management solutions


We understand the importance of efficiency. Our innovative charging, monitoring and cloud services can help you to optimize your operations and quickly adapt to changing circumstances.


    • ACT’s comprehensive suite of products and services is focused on integrating data to help you maximize utility and streamline operations.


    • ACT Quantum Chargers are backed by industry leading software that monitors your fleet’s energy levels to keep your fleet properly maintained and evenly charged. With ACT’s monitoring system this means battery life is maximized and down time is minimized so you get the most out of your investment.


    • Cloud-based data management means you can monitor and manage your fleet wherever you are, allowing you to avoid unplanned equipment downtime and service costs while protecting the integrity of your assets.


Comprehensive battery care and recycling services


Sometimes your batteries require some extra care. We provide thorough maintenance and repairs throughout your battery’s lifespan as well as sustainable recycling services.

Battery Reconditioning

    • Our battery reconditioning process extends the life of your batteries, decreases pollution associated with new battery manufacturing, and helps your operations save money.


    • We provide recycling services for all our battery customers.


    • We carry all industrial OEM battery and charger parts while providing logistical solutions to make sure your parts get where they are needed.

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We are the largest distributor of forklift
batteries with 13 offices in the United States.




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