Motive Energy Expands Their Offerings to Include Solar, Energy Storage Systems (ESS), & Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging.

ANAHEIM, CA (February 22, 2022) – Motive Energy, one of the largest forklift battery and charger suppliers in the United States announces the expansion of its offerings to include Solar, Energy Storage Systems (ESS), and Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging.  Motive Energy is restructuring into two divisions: Power Solutions and Energy Solutions.  Motive Energy’s existing material handling offerings will form its Power Solutions division while Motive Energy is reorganizing its 15-year-old Solar group with its ESS and EV Charging divisions under Energy Solutions.

Brian M. Robertson, Vice President of Marketing for the Motive Companies, states, “This expansion better serves our existing commercial and industrial customers by providing end-to-end power and energy solutions all from one company and one brand.  As more states pass regulations requiring greenfield commercial building projects to have solar and energy storage, Motive Energy is well positioned to help customers take control of their energy.”

Motive Energy’s customizable suite of energy solutions transforms how businesses can source, store, and manage their energy.  Its solutions assist customers in their efforts to significantly reduce annual energy costs by lowering dependence on utilities and exposure to energy price increases. Additionally, Motive Energy provides consultation to capitalize on incentives and provide its customers with revenue opportunities to generate income through EV chargers and selling excess energy back to the utility.  Whether it is creating Net Zero facilities, electrifying your fleet, or navigating the complexities of government incentives, Motive Energy’s experts can support the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals of your business.

“This restructuring is the next step in fulfilling my vision in driving innovative, sustainable solutions that empower our partners to take control of their energy needs and thrive, all while doing the right thing for the planet,” states CEO Bob Istwan.

Sustainability is a top priority at Motive Energy, from recycling initiatives to helping businesses tap into renewable energy sources, every solution Motive Energy provides aims to maximize sustainability while simultaneously delivering significant savings.

With this restructuring, Motive Energy has launched a new website at


About Motive Energy
Motive Energy is a division of Motive Companies. With a nearly 50-year track record designing innovative power and energy solutions, Motive Energy will help your business transform the way you source, store and manage your energy. We partner with companies to develop customized, fully integrated, end-to-end solutions that move them toward greater energy independence and efficiency. To learn more about our suite of solutions, please visit