How Solar and Storage Solutions Can Power Your Business Towards a Sustainable Future

Invest in a Sustainable Future with Your Motive Energy Solar and Storage Solution

As a business owner, you may be wondering how to reduce your grid reliance while also saving money on energy costs. The answer lies in solar and storage solutions, which capture solar energy from the sun and convert it into usable electricity that can power your facility or be stored for later use. In this article, we’ll explore how Motive Energy’s Solar and Storage solutions can help your business achieve a sustainable future while providing significant savings..

Solar with Energy Storage System

Features and Components:

Motive Energy’s Solar and Storage solutions include a Solar Panel Array, a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), and an Energy Management System (EMS). The Solar Panel Array captures solar energy from the sun and converts it into electricity, which can be consumed directly or stored in the BESS. The BESS is responsible for storing excess solar energy and discharging it to meet facility demand when needed, utilizing rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that are offered in various configurations to meet the specific needs of your facility. The EMS monitors the energy usage and production of your system, providing intelligent and adaptive operation, thorough statistics reporting, grid import/export management functionality, and scheduling capabilities.

EMS Software System

EMS Benefits:

Motive’s proprietary EMS software offers best-in-class systems that help customers meet energy production and storage needs. The EMS handles task scheduling, data monitoring, and usage analytics. Its algorithms are designed to reduce facility grid usage during peak load times by pulling from the battery, which is inherently more efficient and rewarded by the California Net Tariff Billing (NTB). The EMS also provides 24×7 monitoring, statistical insights, as well as O&M support, ensuring that customers meet their energy and savings goals.

Supporting Components:

In addition to the Solar Panel Array, BESS, and EMS, Motive Energy’s Solar and Storage solutions include several supporting components that communicate with the EMS to provide the best possible energy generation and savings. These components include an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for seamless transitions between solar, stored energy, and grid power, PV Solar Modules for durable and cost-effective solar generation, PV Inverters for around-the-clock generation monitoring, and Lithium-Ion Battery Cells for rechargeable and individually monitored batteries that ensure maximum system uptime.

Battery Energy Storage

Motive Energy’s Solar and Storage solutions are top-of-the-line, comprehensive systems that can help your business achieve a sustainable future while reducing grid reliance and providing significant savings. Contact us today to learn more about how our solutions can power your business towards a more sustainable future.